Bundle Box Go 4 Two: Wacù + 4 Bag

$81.70 $32.90

$27.00 + $5.90 IVA

Wacù® is your new travel companion: a practical little portable vacuum device able to make each trip a pleasure.

Save on the price, as well as on suitcase space!

The Bundle Box Go4Two contains all the Wacu’s world. Inside this pack you will find 1 Wacù + 2 small sized Vintage Woman bags + 2 small sized Business Man bags.


Bundle Box GO4Two kit includes:

  • 1 Wacù portable vacuum sealer
  • 2 Space saving vacuum Vintage Woman bags Wacù size S (60 x 40cm)
  • 2 Space saving vacuum Business Man bags Wacù size S (60 x 40cm)
  • Equipped with an electric power supply complying with EMC regulations.
  • 2 Universal valve for use with all bags and other vacuum aspirators


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