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I'm afraid, once i get to my destination, of opening my suitcase and finding my clothes all wrinkled

Unlike classic vacuum bags, the Wacù Travel Bags are designed to be more resistant and avoid breakage even when they are filled abundantly. Their thickness also helps to avoid the formation of any crease if you follow a series of precautions that are exemplified in this short video.
Wacù has a negligible weight and compact dimensions, very convenient to store in your suitcase and always at your disposal both at the time of departure and return.

What to do il at the airport they ask me to open the suitcase for a check?

In case you are subject to an airport check and are asked to open not only the suitcase but also the Travel Bags, you will just have to repeat the vacuuming operation again. Any airport is in fact equipped with electrical outlets, and the device, light and compact, can be stored in a suitcase together with the Travel Bags that contain the clothes in vacuum. Once they are done checking, simply place the suitcase near the first available electrical outlet, put the clothes back in the Travel Bags, and produce the vacuum with Wacù. The device has in fact a negligible weight and compact dimensions, very convenient to store in the suitcase and always at your disposal both at the time of departure and return.

Does the weight of the suitcase remain the same?

With the vacuum the weight remains unchanged but it is also true that this aspect is important only when flying (where anyway, while respecting the weight, with the vacuum you can use a smaller and more manageable suitcase not so much for the hold but for the transport from and to the airport). By car, ship, train, and so on Wacù allows you to optimize the space in your suitcase and consequently in all the environments where it is stored.

Is the device also compatible with other vacoom bags?

The Wacù Travel Bags are equipped with a special valve compatible with the device and only the combination of these two elements guarantees a perfect vacuum. All the Travel Bags, regardless of their size, are equipped on one side with an airtight closing mechanism made simpler by a special flap to drag along the edge of the bags in order to guarantee the seal of the vacuum inside the suitcase. We advise you not to use Wacù with other vacuum bags which normally do not have this type of sealing characteristics or a valve suitable for the device which, consequently, would not produce an effective vacuum.

Which travel bags should i choose based on the size of my suitcase?

The Wacù Travel Bags are available, other than in different and very colorful theme variations, in 3 sizes: S, M, and L. Size S is 60X40 cm and is suitable for small trolleys, for example those allowed as hand luggage in a plane. Size M is 80X60 cm and is suitable for medium-sized suitcases, the most common ones on the market. Size L instead is 90X70 cm and is suitable for large suitcases, the ones that, for instance, can contain the clothes of a family of 3 or 4 people. Consider that the vacuum saves at least 50% of the space inside each suitcase and regardless of its size, 2-3 bags of the same size or different sizes can be stored if it is not a trolley of the hand luggage type.

Where can i buy Wacù?

If you are reading this FAQ you are already in the right place. Our website is the only official channel where you can buy Wacù and its accessories.

How does it work with the TSA?

Wacù is not limited to air travels but it can help also if you travel by train, car, motorcycle, camper and cruise ship. If the security at the airport check the carry-on you can vacuum again your clothes, while if they open the checked baggage it’s possible to do it as soon as you take it back: anyway the security has to close properly the luggage after the check.

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